Happy birthday, Luhan.

♡Happy birthday to my dearest boy luhan♡

It’s almost one year since i saw you. I know i may not be with you during MAMA era and beginning of wolf era, but since i started searching and watching videos about exo, and when i saw you, i knew that you will become my bias. I went to search things about you, and i was really surprised that you’re a 90liner since you have a baby face which i thought you’re only about 19 year old. But it’s okay since i don’t care about age. 

You’re always so hardworking, even though when you’re sick, like during happy camp, you’re sick yet you still try your best to perform and join the games. You’re always thoughtful, like in weekly idol, when you’re supposed to kick jongin’s butt hard but you didn’t cause jongin has a injury. You’re always holding your tears, like in award sessions when exo won an award and yet you’re always hiding at the back holding back your tears. You’re always quiet, cause you want to let other members talk instead.

Face of the group, vocal, and dance.
Everytime you sing, i could always feel that you’re putting your feelings into the songs.
Especially when i saw the fancam of you singing Baby Dont Cry during happy camp, it really made me heartache, and i could see tears in your eyes. 

And, you’re always practicing so hard for each comeback, injuries all over. But you’re always smiling all the time without complaining.

Sometimes i just want to help you, but i know i cannot do anything. But i just want to hug you and tell you “Everything’s okay. Don’t overwork yourself. Just do your best. I’ll support you till the end.”

Many people asked me, “Is it worth it to like someone who doesn’t know you exist?” I have thought of that before, but i pushed that question aside. But when i saw what you posted on the fanboard during exo’s second anniversary, you said, “努力提高自己,完善自己,让自己变成值得让你们这么付出的人!”  that made me confirmed my answer. “yes it’s worth it.” Your words touched me, and it became my motivation everytime.

When you’re on stage, you changed to a handsome,sexy luhan and when you’re off stage you’re back to the cute luhan. You’re like a shining star, and i can only see you. When i saw your comeback stage last night, it was really awesome. You’re really confident, i can see it. Most of the time you’re nervous.

I’ll write until here. Thankyou for showing me many sides of you, i’m always grateful that you’re my bias, and i hope you will like the present that i bought for you. Thankyou for everything, luhan, i’ll continue to support you till the end. iloveyou. Happy birthday once again.♡


GDYB for Harper’s Bazaar (March) Magazine!


[EXO'S SHOWTIME] Episode 9: The 007 BANG Game


Seems like everybody is confused with the game since they are so silent omg~

The game is called 007 BANG (Gong Gong Chil Bbang).

Here is a “GUIDE” to the game! Make sure you take note of [007 BANG] because it’s important!

  1. A random person will draw a rectangle shape (or any shape), then…

go to u | do not edit.

go to u | do not edit.

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baekhyun comforting jongin  (‘、3_ヽ)_

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Jongin getting beaten up and swallowing his pain

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